Build A Greenlight Bundle 3 Offers Up Nine Games For Greenlight Votes

The latest bundle hosted by Groupees, entitled Build A Greenlight Bundle 3, is on sale for the next eight days on the Groupees website. It features nine indie games, all currently open for voting on Steam Greenlight. You can pick two to nine games to purchase on a pay-what-you-want scale ($1.50 is the minimum price) with options to donate to charity as well.

The games included in the bundle are:


When you purchase the bundle, you get direct downloads and Desura codes for all the games you bought. Also, if the game gets greenlit and released on Steam, you will get Steam codes for all the games you purchased as well. It’s a confusing concept, but you do get immediate access to the games you purchased. Not only that, but it kills two birds with one stone for the devs; they get their games purchased by gamers as well as racking up Greenlight votes for those games.

There are seven different bonuses that may be included with each bundle purchase, depending on how many bundles are bought overall. Three out of seven of these bonuses have been unlocked. The first three bonuses are DeCalc, the Paradigm Shift soundtrack, and a chiptune album. The fourth is A Walk in the Dark, unlocked at 3,000 bundle purchases.

Build A Greenlight Bundle 3 lasts for another week, so go pick up your games!