Browser-Based MOBA Heroes of Rune Launches in Open Alpha

MijiKai Game Studio announced their browser-based MOBA Heroes of Rune is now available to test and play as a public Alpha. The company stated that “[they] feel that launching an Open Alpha will help [them] to acquire better feedback from [their] growing fan base [which] translates into important information that will guide [them] to build a successful browser-based MOBA.”

Heroes of Rune aims to combine aspects of multiplayer RPG and MOBA gameplay with a more casual feel. Since MOBAs have attained a reputation for fostering poor multiplayer communities, due to how team-focused and stressful matches can be, Heroes of Rune attempts to offer a less stressful alternative to pre-existing titles.


Aside from the casual elements, Heroes of Rune has a few other tricks layered over the “expected” MOBA formula. Despite the fact that the end-goal of destroying the enemy team’s base is the same as other MOBA titles, the means of how one must do that is different. The most prominent changes that fans of the genre will notice are the lack of lanes and automatically spawning minions. Rather than waiting for groups of minions, players will have to explore the map, hunting monsters and manually spawning minions that may be used in combat.

The game will be running on a “Free-to-play” business model similar to that of League of Legends, and players will receive “Battle Points” for achievements and winning matches, which may then be spent on new characters and skins. If gamers would rather not wait to accumulate enough BP for a purchase, all items may also be bought via micro-transactions. On that subject, MijiKai Game Studio would like to assure interested players that “Heroes of Rune will not adopt a pay-to-win model. Heroes of Rune will offer an equally balanced player experience regardless of play style.”


Those interested in Heroes of Rune can head on over to the official website in order to sign up for the public Alpha. A mailing list is also available if you wish to be notified of development updates and game-related news.