Bombservice Heads to Patreon to Fund New Momodora Entry


Bombservice’s skills have only increased with each new entry in the Momodora series. An action platformer in the vein of games like Cave Story, the series is now entering its fourth iteration, tentatively called Momodora IV. With such leaps forward in pixel artwork and game complexity, the developer has reached a point where they would like a little bit of help funding the continuation of the series through Patreon. Fans of the Momodora games and action platformers in general should take note, as Momodora IV is a huge leap forward for the series’ art style, and it promises even better gameplay than the last three games.


When some strange evil starts causing trouble in the village of KoHo, Kaho Reinol is dispatched to see what’s up. She’s not bringing bibles and good news, though, and instead has a vicious beatdown ready for the evil interlopers in her land. Momodora IV‘s fluid hand-to-hand combat is quite the sight compared to previous games, with the acrobatic priestess whirling around as her fists crush monstrous skulls. With other weapons and abilities to equip as she scours the vileness from the countryside, players will enjoy catering the game to their own playstyle as they find new allies and figure out what’s causing all the trouble for the people of KoHo.


While early in development, Bombservice is keeping up a Tumblr full of screenshots and gifs to showcase the visuals they have created for the game so far, which they intend to update as development progresses. With a rich backstory to add depth to the game’s world and a backlog of great titles in the series, it will be exciting to watch as this new entry takes shape. In the meantime, you can always grab Momodora or Momodora II from for free to tide you over.


For more information on Momodora IV and Bombservice, you can head to the developer’s site, their Tumblr, or follow the lead developer on Twitter. They are also accepting donations through Patreon, or you can help them by buying Momodora III from Steam or

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