Arcen Games Releases Animated Shorts to Announce New Project

Arcen Games has announced their plan to release their new title, Stars Beyond Reach, on June 5 for Steam, PC, Mac, and Linux. In an effort to generate support and interest for the upcoming title, they have also released a three-part animated short, titled Tales of Woe. These humorous videos reveal the general backstory of the game through the exchanges of a spacecraft’s onboard computer and an alien passenger.

The small indie studio has created several other games, including AI War, Bionic Dues, and A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2. Stars Beyond Reach takes place on a hostile alien world where players act as a new arrival amidst 13 other established races. While the game has some similarities to Real Time Strategy titles, combat revolves around constructed buildings as opposed to mobile units.


Players can take many different approaches in their quest to dominate the various alien races, including military, diplomatic, economic, intellectual, or even entertainment and espionage tactics. Once dominion has been established, gamers are victorious. However, players can also opt to completely ignore any of the above win conditions, and instead try to challenge the planet itself in 4 additional and unique victory scenarios.

Those interested in the project may find additional screenshots, information, and even a gameplay trailer available on the official Stars Beyond Reach website.

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