Andromeda Wild Launches on Kickstarter

Andromeda Wild is not an average survival game: players find themselves stranded on a foreign alien planet after a not-so-smooth landing. Lost in the middle of the Andromeda Galaxy, players must learn to live off the land, build shelter, and hunt for food. Don’t fret too much, though. Asher, the main character’s canine companion, will be there alongside players to keep them company.

The single-player mode has “randomized open world survival gameplay” which spans across different regions and multiple planets. The co-op mode gives players a chance to work with their friends to help each other survive. The second player can even take on the role of Asher the dog as a playable character.


There’s no fast-forwarding of time in the game. Andromeda Wild has day and night cycles, and players must truly survive through the night. The players’ every action is tallied up on the game’s statistics screen. Upon death, they’ll be shown their statistics so they can learn from their mistakes. However, they won’t be told how to play the game or exactly why they died, keeping that mistake a mystery.

The story of Andromeda Wild is told through voice-overs. The main character understands the world they see and can comment on what they see and do. It gives players context for their actions that they may not have otherwise.


Peter Ryan, creator of the well-known Half-Life mod “Morbid Inclination,” is the sole developer of the game, but he has a group of part-time artists adding their contributions. He’s currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the game’s development and to hire more developers to the team.

Andromeda Wild will be available in early access for PC in August of 2016, but those interested about the game can back the Kickstarter to help fund the development and stay in the loop about the release. For more information, follow the team on Twitter.