Alone In The Dark Creator Announces Stealth Horror: 2Dark

Gamers may not have been alone in the dark the past few years, but Frederick Raynal, the creator of Alone in the Dark, seems to have gone dark for a while. Now we know why: Having set up his new studio, Gloomywood, Raynal and his team have been developing a stealth horror title called 2Dark, aiming for an early 2016 release on PC.

2Dark 2

In 2Dark, gamers must sneak through a “twisted and quirky 1970’s universe” attempting to save kidnapped children from the serial killers that stole them away. Based on the trailer above, 2Dark shares a few similarities with the Hotline Miami games. The game features a top-down view of a pixel-art environment, and there are a few disturbing masks in the mix, too. It also appears that sound will be an important focus for 2Dark, as each movement sends out a ring around the player. Presumably, the faster they move, the louder they are, and the more likely it is that the murderers will come a-running.

2Dark 3

Other than what can be predicted from the trailer, a lot of 2Dark is still, well, in the dark. Anyone that is excited by the premise can pre-purchase the game for €20 EUR (approximately $21.50 USD), which also nets entry into the Beta. Be warned, though, as the website is mainly in French, and Google Translate can only do so much.

2Dark 1

As more information becomes available, those interested can visit the game’s official website, or take the social media route by “liking” the studio on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

  • TIBS de Vega

    Like the look of this, could be good, hopefully is.