After The Credits is a Story of What Happens After the Last Boss


Once the last boss is defeated and the credits roll, what’s a video game hero left to do? They can sit around and wait for the sequel, but that’s not going to put much food on the table in the meantime. You don’t find pork chops in walls and chicken dinner in wooden boxes when you’re struggling through the real world. So, what happens when the heroes of Contra find themselves off of active duty? Acid Wizard Studio has the answer, and have turned it into a quick little free game, After the Credits.


Made for the 2015 Global Game Jam (And top choice for their jam site in Warsaw, Poland), After the Credits has players making their way to work and trying to make a living. Using sprites and music from Contra, the player must guide Bill through his day, using the powers of jumping and shooting to try to put in an honest day’s work at a desk job. This goes about as well as can be imagined, as the spreader is much better suited to mowing down aliens than for stapling the new cover sheets of his TPS report. Still, when the player finds themselves late for work, being able to blast through walls and Bill’s nigh-infinite cardio do come in handy for running to the office.


The game lasts for only a few minutes, cracking a few jokes at the expense of retro game characters along the way. After the Credits is available to play for free on and Gamejolt. For more information on Acid Wizard Studio and their other games, you can go to their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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