A New Kind of Trivia Game: Majotori

Majotori is a narrative trivia game developed by Spanish developer Majorariatto with a unique premise. Players follow the short narratives of different characters, before being given the opportunity to help them achieve their dreams by answering trivia questions.


Majotori shows an individual story from a collection available within the game, each of which contain a deep desire. The game tells each story using a text narrative displayed at the bottom of several still, minimalist images. A witch appears to each character, offering to make their wish come true as long as they play a game of trivia.

Players will answer a series of multiple choice questions based on several subjects and topics, but focusing on video games, animation, and cinema. After completing the trivia game, a roulette begins with different correct and incorrect answers being randomly highlighted. Whatever the game selects will affect the fortuitous or unfortunate turn in the character’s story. This means that any one wrong answer could still lead to a bad turn in the story, though the chances are slimmer with more right answers.


Majotori is currently on Steam Greenlight and is under development for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms with an eventual mobile port to follow. The game will also offer English and Spanish language options in their release. For more information, follow the team on Twitter or visit the game’s official website.

I'm a big JRPG fan in general, but games with a good story and great characters are what drive me. It touches the writer in me.