A Day in The Woods is Sweeter on iOS

Named one of the best PC games of 2011, a repolished version of A Day in The Woods has recently been announced by RetroEpic Software, and will come to iOS devices on April 2nd. The South-African studio thinks that the nature of the puzzle game is perfect for touchscreen devices and will present this new edit with improved, more challenging puzzles.

A Day in the Woods tells the story of the Little Red Riding Hood in a digital and modern version of the traditional sliding puzzle games. The player has to move the hexagonal tile where the little girl is to the empty spaces in order to return her home safely, and also to collect flowers and berries on the way. While doing this, the player has to avoid the tiles where bears, spiders and the Wolf are. The player, with the help of some little animals like rabbits and bees, is responsible to guide her safely through the hexagonal grid.

Around the Bend

The game will feature 60 streamlined puzzles that will enhance the player’s experience on touchscreen devices, which means that players who already played the first game can still enjoy new challenges in the iOS version. An updated PC version is also planned for later in 2015, and will be published through Steam Greenlight. The game will be available at $4,99 on the Apple Store. For more information, you can visit the game’s website, too.

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