‘ZomNomNom’ A Tower Defense Game With A Comical Twist


Does the Umbrella Corporation get your panties all in a bunch? What if they happened to be targetting gamers? That’s exactly what we got here in ZomNomNom. After attempting to cure gaming addiction, the evil company Viro Corp. has accidentally turned all gamers into mindless face munchers infecting the entire city. You play as Red, the receptionist of Viro Corp. who thankfully made it out alive. Red will use her melee, handgun, and special weapons to take down hordes of zombies headed your way.

The player will be able to swipe the zombies initiating a melee attack to slice their head clean off, and  shoot them with your handgun, shotgun, and machine guns. To get far in ZomNomNom you’ll have to figure out a way to incorparate every aspect of combat.

What’s really cool is not only are the zombies of ZomNomNom rendered by hand, but the game comes complete with a hand-drawn comic that shows off Viro Corp. scientist’s histarical failures at stopping the zombie virus they created. With each failure that the scientists make, comes an even deadlier zombie type. Thankfully you will be able to choose from over thirty different weapons in the store, which you can obtain by spending the coin the zombies drop after you kill them.

ZomNomNom will comes packed with fifty level and is out now on iOS and Android for only $0.99. Be sure to check out the trailer embedded below and Follow High Tale Studios on Twitter for the latest updates by the developer.