Zombie Fish Invade Atlantic Quest 2: The New Adventures

Atlantic Quest 2: The New Adventures, is a match-three game by German based developer rokapublish. Players help a clown fish and his friends save their home by solving puzzles and completing missions. Successfully doing this will crown the player the “Savior of the Ocean”.


The Player will receive help from “a mighty shark, a testosterone-high sea horse with sculpted abs, and a quirky squid!” Players can also tap into 6 power-ups that will help them on their journey, though there is no detail on what these power-ups do, yet. Players can choose from three customizable ways to play: pairing groups of three in chains, swapping to connect a row, and forming groups. Atlantic Quest 2 also features mini-games that include hidden objects and adventures. There is an additional section of the game where players will lead their team of aquatic companions into battle against a horde of zombie fish.

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Atlantic Quest 2: The New Adventures is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight. If the game passes voting it will be supported on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. No pricing details have been released, yet, but the game is currently priced on Big Fish Games for $2.99 USD (regularly $9.99 USD), and on the App Store for $6.99 USD . To learn more about the game, visit the official website, or to play a PC demo of it, visit the Greenlight page. To learn more about developer rokapublish, visit their website.

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