‘Zombie Cruise’ Make Out And Dance Your Way To Survival

Zombie Cruise

What’s more fun than being on a cruise ship? Being on a cruise ship with zombies (virtually at least). Originally established in 2006, Tuonela Productions have made The Club and Golems for iPhone, along with many successful board games. Tuonela is looking to bring some humor to the zombie craze with Zombie Cruise being developed for PC, Mac, and iPad and have a new live action trailer to show off.

In Zombie Cruise you play as DJ Alex Delay who wakes up one morning to find out he has bigger problems than a hangover and failed relationship. The cruise ship he’s on has been hit by a zombie infection and it’s up to Alex to use his his wits to survive. Unlike many zombie games out there today, it’s not just a shooter. Zombie Cruise is looking to be a challenging game of humor, romance, and action.

Some of the game mechanics revolve around more traditional means of surviving such as duck & cover, or fighting them by using items like tazers to buy you some time and get away. Where the game shines though is using  more unconventional ways of survival.

With Alex being a DJ you can distract zombies from eating their pray and focus on their dance moves instead. The developers reasoning for this hilarious gameplay mechanic? Everybody who enjoys rave parties are utterly brainless, just like zombies. Another unique perk Alex has is picking up women. With Alex being a world-class DJ he can just walk up to them and make his move. This will protect him against zombies as they’ll think you’re one of them and enjoying a fresh victim.

To follow the development of Zombie Cruise, like them on Facebook, subscribe to the them on YouTube, follow Tuonela Productions on Twitter, and visit their official website. Be sure to check out the bizarre live ction trailer as well as some gameplay footage below.