Z Steel Soldiers Kick Butt, Take Names in Refined RTS on iOS

War robots know business like none other — they drink rocket fuel straight up and fight alien saber-tooth space slugs just for fun. A sequel to the real-time strategy game ZZ: Steel Soldiers refines on the mechanics of the original with new graphics.

Players take control of Zod and his band of space renegades, fighting for their freedom. But before they venture to battle, it’s best to start out building the base in usual RTS fashion. Players can create nine different robots, WWII-era machines, and modern jets in battles to conquer more territory. The more land the robots overtake, the more resources they get to steamroll production.

Z Steel Soldiers (iOS) - 04

Z: Steel Soldiers features a non-linear story, unfolding in each theater of war. The fights take place over 30 levels divided into six worlds.

In comparison to the original, the sequel improves on controls, graphics, and enemy AI. TickTock Games collaborated with UK publisher Kavcom to work on this revamped version of Z: Steel Soldiers for the iOS (which is iPhone and iPad compatible). This version features 60 Game Center leaderboards and 19 Game Center achievements.

Up to this point, Z: Steel Soldiers has been available on Android and Steam (Windows) platforms. Currently, the Steam version is heavily discounted and also offered in a package with the original Z.

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