Your Eyes Don’t Deceive You – Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 Available Now

Like a queer stranger emerging from a dusty cave, Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 has astounded us all with its sudden release into the wild this week. Following the release of Act 2 nearly a year ago, Act 3 is now available on Steam as a game update and, per usual, season pass holders will have no extra charge to play this new episode. For those who have been living under a rock and have yet to play, Kentucky Route Zero is currently on sale via Steam and the Humble Store for 25% off until next Tuesday, but you can check out our Let’s Try of the first act here.

For the rest of you, go boot up your game, and enjoy Kentucky Route’s next twisted mystery—and keep your fingers crossed that the next act comes sooner.

Simultaneously fantastical and realistic, Kentucky Route Zero is an inventive, character and story driven adventure inspired by point-and-click games of the past. Cardboard Computer released the first episode of Kentucky Route Zero last January, and the game assuredly earned a slew of Indie Game Festival finalist awards at the 2013 ceremony. You can find our original interview with the studio here.