Become the Legendary Hero of Necropolis

Harebrained Schemes’s newest game, Necropolis, is a third-person procedural death labyrinth (i.e. roguelike) with a focus on a combat system that is based on timing and animation. Players can’t simply mash buttons, they will need to anticipate enemy attack patterns and time their actions accordingly.


Set in a land filled with magic and monsters, players are tasked with exploring the tomb of an archmage. Deep within the depths of a huge construct created by the archmage Abraix lies the greatest treasures the world has ever known. His structure is called the Necropolis and it is filled with mazes and corridors that change at the whim of the Brazen Head, a magical intelligence created by the archmage, who serves as part butler, part task master, and part tormentor.


The Brazen Head mocks players and pushes them deeper into the depths of the Necropolis. The Necropolis need adventurers, and those who die within the walls feed the magic that powers the shrine to Abraix. Players not only have to worry about the changing landscape, but also the reanimated corpses that lie and wait. Thousands have entered the Necropolis, including Abraxis’s greatest enemies, and every monster he encountered during his adventures.

Necropolis has no set launch date or pricing details as of yet. The game is currently being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux and will be released via Steam. There are also plans for the game to be released for consoles, but there are no specifics just yet. To learn more about the game and its developer visit the official website, or follow on Twitter.

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