‘You Are A Dark God: Desolation Road’ Heads to Kickstarter

Manly Mouse Studios launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign on July 21 for its visual novel RPG, You Are a Dark God: Desolation Road. The developers aim to create a complicated story, then tell it “the way it’s meant to be. Hard, cold, full of brutal truths and cutting lies.” In short, the creators intend to focus on storytelling instead of catering to a particular audience.


You Are a Dark God: Desolation Road follows the story of Jack Fowler as he experiences death and rebirth, and the power to try and change the world. His story mostly begins at the moment of his death, when an aquatic goddess suddenly forces his soul back into his body. At some point, his death eventually leads him to a more powerful rebirth, utilizing the simple RPG system available to apply mental and physical attributes. These make new options and story paths available in what is promised to be a massive story tree. Eventually, players will revisit previous choices to find a third and unexpected option, altering the tale further. These decisions will eventually allow Jack to choose his role from a long list of available options, such as Champion, Tyrant, Revolutionary, or Vigilante.

Manly Mouse Studios is seeking a modest $800 in backing through Kickstarter in order to fund You Are a Dark God: Desolation Road. For more information, follow the developers on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

I'm a big JRPG fan in general, but games with a good story and great characters are what drive me. It touches the writer in me.