‘X-Orbtek II’ Heading To Xbox 360

In our recently published list of the top 5 pick-up-and-play indie games, you may have noticed a humble-looking title called X-Orbtek storming in at number 4. This position wasn’t given away cheaply either, —it is a hugely compelling score attack title, that was fully deserving of its place. Well, the game’s developer Oxygen Addict isn’t done yet, as he plans to expand on the X-Orbtek formula with X-Orbtek II for the Xbox Live Indie Games platform.


X-Orbtek II appears to be far more than a simple Xbox 360 conversion of the existing PC game, as there are some key new features on show to justify its status as a full numbered sequel. The first major change appears to be the inclusion of shooting, both from enemy ships and the player craft itself. Whereas the first game was a simple case of obstacle avoidance, the sequel is giving the player some extra firepower with which to help them survive. To balance this out, the addition of enemy fire will give the player yet another deadly presence to avoid, —the teaser shows the screen looking very tightly populated with enemies and bullets, which is a great sign for gamers like me who enjoyed when things got particularly hectic in the first game.

As well as this, the teaser also shows off some two player footage, another addition that could enrich and enhance the existing framework of X-Orbtek. Local multiplayer, while possible on PC, is far more prevalent on consoles, so Oxygen Addict‘s decision to include up to 4 player functionality in X-Orbtek‘s XBLIG outing is understandable. It was revealed on the Oxygen Addict blog that both competitive and co-operative two player game modes will be available in the upcoming 360 title, so it is intriguing to see how the X-Orbtek formula will translate to a multiplayer experience in the sequel.

Having enjoyed the original game greatly, X-Orbtek II is an exciting prospect. However, while it is good to see Oxygen Addict exploring new platforms, it would be good to see the game head to PC at some point after the initial Xbox 360 release.  XBLIG titles often find their way onto PC at some stage, so this remains a possibility. Regardless, X-Orbtek II is a game that deserves to be on any indie gamer’s radar.

The game is slated for a 2013 release, but Oxygen Addict is unwilling to be any more specific about release date yet. While we’re waiting for the sequel to hit the XBLIG marketplace, why not give the original a try on PC or Android? You can also follow @OxygenAddictUK on Twitter for development updates.