Learn Geometry in Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Rabbits

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Game studio Pixel Giant is planning to unveil its new title, Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Rabbits, at PAX Australia 2015. The game demonstration will be shown from October 30 to November 1 at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre and will consist of 15 levels. Players are tasked with solving puzzles to rescue numerous rabbits throughout the game’s levels.

The projectile-based gameplay is designed to educate children, as they will have to implement concepts of trajectory, angles, engineering, and strategic planning in order to be successful. Although the title focuses on teaching various concepts of science and mathematics, Pixel Giant ensures an accessible experience through a vibrant and lighthearted world.

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Dexter Santiago, a co-founder of Pixel Giant, says, “The Pixel Giant team is passionate about creating games that are engaging and enjoyable for all, and Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Rabbits has been inspired by my search for creative ways to help my children learn.” The upcoming title is set to release for iOS and Android in late 2015 and will consist of more than 75 levels. It will be available for free digital download on smartphone and tablet devices.

For more information on Pixel Giant’s progress, visit the developer on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.