‘Wizorb’ – Block-breaking JRPG Coming To iOS Soon

Despite decades of evolution with cutting-edge graphic rendering and new genres being born every couple years, some old original concepts simply remain entertaining and enjoyable. Wizorb, released last year to PC and console platforms, not only retains the old-as-Earth block-breaking Arkanoid-style, but also the pixelated JRPG art style from back in the days of SNES that would make you miss the original Final Fantasy. The good news is, it’s coming to the mobile world of iOS.

In case you missed out on the press stuff, Wizorb was simply great. Alluding to the original Arkanoid, you will be controlling a small paddle while keeping the ever-bouncing orb from reaching the bottom of the screen, while taking down blocks and defeating monsters. Needless to say, you don’t play an RPG without magic: a bunch of magical powers are available for you to control the orb and battle your foes. Along with coins, items, health and mana potions are your occasional favourite loot while crawling  the dungeons. When not breaking bricks, NPCs are there for you to talk to, shops are  there to rack up items, and quests to complete, all in a pixelated and very JRPG-ish fashion.

Considering how it fits the mobile platform, our surprise is reserved for an alternate world where Wizorb is not coming to the mobile land. Released back in PC and platforms for a mere $3, we were both surprised and delighted, and expect similar pricing for the upcoming iPhone port. Following being taunted by its founder and programmer with a screenshot, Tribute Games informally announced the existence of the iOS port with a tweet. The screenshot showed the game being scaled to iPhone’s screen ratio, with virtual buttons. Originally made for 16:9 screens of consoles, a black box was present at the bottom of the screen — though considering that the game was still in development, we don’t expect it making to the final release. The Universal status as well as Game Center integration has been confirmed for the game.

So far, we are short of a release date and trailer for iOS, but a Steam trailer should do justice for what you should expect.


For more information, visit the game’s website and stay tuned on IGM Mobile for future updates.