Wizard Quest – A Spellbinding iOS Adventure

Mindlessly tapping is the main concept behind many a dull mobile game, but Finnish studio, Mana Giant, want to make sure this isn’t the case with their newly released iOS game, Wizard Quest. They’re off to a good start, too, as it recently received the honour of being included in the Appstore’s “Best New Games” category in a number of countries around the world.


Wizard Quest takes a well-known match-three game mechanic and combines it with a storyline, fast arcade vibe, and unique journey for wizards to tap their way through. Mana Giant doesn’t want it to be easy for gamers, though, and you can expect a variety of traps to slow you down, situations to overcome and merciless monsters that want nothing more than to put an end to your journey before it’s even begun. If you plan to best these creatures, there will many hundreds of weapons to use and magic items to conjure, with a vast collection system in play.

Accompanying this action-packed adventure is not only a retro pixel-art style, but also a full custom soundtrack, which is as enjoyable as the game is magical. If that all sounds worth digging through your old chests for a wand or two, Wizard Quest is available on the App Store right now, and we at IGM aim to have a full review up in the near, enchanting, future.