Wind and Tide Marries Pirate and Rogue(like)

Wind and Tide blends together a genre combination not often paired. Described by the developer as “FTL meets One Piece anime,” the upcoming game sets sail across a procedurally generated pirate world.

The game is set during a golden age of piracy, when sailing and pillaging thrive across the many seas. The pirates of the land have called for a kingsmoot to determine the next Pirate King; most of the gameplay takes place during the journey to the event. Players focus on building up a loyal crew as they encounter marines, merchants, and other pirates.


Taking captives after battles is one of the ways to recruit more mateys. After a successful battle, some enemies become prisoners until they’re ready to be freed. Then they appear as a low-level pirate until they’ve gained enough experience. Depending on what kind of area they specialize in, they graduate into one of Wind and Tide‘s 11 classes, such as Brute, Merchant, or Gunner. The actual combat is in real-time and happens over tiles.


Other than fighting, trading, and gathering crew members, Wind and Tide has a Morality Meter which depicts the crew’s overall behavior. Decisions during various encounters have either a positive or negative impact on it, effectively changing the pirates’ reputation. Pillaging civilian ports and assaulting merchants have their consequences. The Meter ultimately decides which boss the party faces at the end. As per tradition with roguelikes, there’s also permadeath to worry about.

Wind and Tide has less than two weeks to go on Kickstarter, asking for $25,000 in total. Pledging a $10 minimum secures a digital copy of the game, estimated to be delivered by July 2016. The next tier, priced at $25, additionally awards closed Beta access.

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