Who Needs 7 Samurai When You Have 7 Mages?

7 mages

Napoleon Games seems to be doing a twist on the iconic Kurosawa film Seven Samurai with their new game 7 Mages. Players take the role of a mage who has been hired by a poor village to protect them. The player’s first task is to assemble a company of six other mages to help the village.

7 Mages is a grid-based dungeon crawler with a turn-based combat system that will allow players to split up their party to make battles more tactical. Each member of the player’s party employs various types of magic, ranging from elemental to musical. Players will explore fourteen unique environments ranging from dark crypts, frozen mountains, forests, and the open seas. The game will feature sixty spells for players to master as well as twenty-eight different types of enemies, all featuring different fighting styles.

7 Mages is expected to release on March 15 for iOS, Android, Windows PC and Mac. Players can enjoy the first four levels for free.  The game is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight. From then on the pricing runs from $1 per level or players can buy all the levels for a total of $7. To learn more about the game and developer Napoleon Games visit the official websiteFacebook, and Twitter.

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