Whispering Willows Will Soon Haunt Consoles and Mobile Platforms

Step outside your body for a moment. I’ll wait.

No? Don’t worry, most people can’t do it either. Fortunately for a young woman named Elena, she can. Elena has a special amulet, a gift from her father, which allows her to perform astral projection. Her spirit is expelled temporarily from her body, allowing her to interact with spirits both evil and benign. This unusual talent allows her to resolve the mysteries within the spooky Willows Mansion, including the biggest mystery of all – where is her father?


Elena is the plucky heroine of Whispering Willows, a horror-themed adventure from Night Light Interactive. In the hand-painted 2D sidescroller, players take on the role of Elena as she tries to uncover the truth about why her beloved father disappeared. Through her astral projection, Elena is able to pass through tight spaces, fly, and interact with ghosts and spirits, all of whom have some unfinished business tying them to the mortal realm. As she helps these distressed souls find the peace they’re missing, Elena also works to piece together the clues that will hopefully help her find her absentee parent. She just has to be sure that she makes it out of the Willows Mansion alive.


Night Light Interactive launched Whispering Willows for PC in 2014; it is currently available on Steam for $9.99 USD, or for $14.99 as a deluxe edition that includes a desktop wallpaper, the soundtrack, and a digital art book. But now, Night Light Interactive has decided to take Whispering Willows even farther. To bring it to a wider audience, the developer has partnered with publisher Abstraction Games. Through this joint effort, the game is being released this Summer for mobile and console players; it will be available for Android, iOS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Windows 10 support is also on the way.

To take part in an adventure beyond the confines of mortal life, watch for more details about Whispering Willows by following Night Light Interactive on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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