Where’s My Water? Review

This game brings you into a new and unique puzzler where you bring water to a germophobic sewer alligator. During the way, there’s tons of obstacles to dodge and evade. I had fun playing this game especially with my friends because I got to laugh as we went through the levels. There are tons of levels in the game, including 6 stages filled with 20 levels plus 12 bonus levels for a total of 132 levels. Each stage took me about 20 minutes to complete so I was able to beat the game in about 2 hours. It didn’t feel short or anything just because I replayed some of the levels a couple times to get a better score.

The gameplay is simple, just to bring the water the pipe connecting to the bathroom by digging the a path through the dirt. Before I even started playing, I wondered why the water wouldn’t get tainted by the dirt, but then I realized, this is a game. Anyways, while the game is easy to learn but there are actually some challenging levels that require you to play it a couple times to get a perfect score. The game is based upon getting rubber ducks on the way to the pipe, which constitutes how many “stars” or ducks you would get for the level.

There are many interesting and unique obstacles to the game which made the game more amusing. Some examples are: growing bacteria, gears and doors, goo/slime, bombs, etc. Unlike other puzzle games, there are many obstacles that weren’t introduced in any other game, making this game all the more unique. Some games copy other traps and impediments, but I can tell you, that this game is one of a kind.

The game’s music was funky radio styled, but it was interesting, and there were multiple tracks of music rather than a loop on other games. This wasn’t really an intensive game that required graphics to actually be fun, but everything was nice and sharp except for the cutscenes which appear a tiny bit blury on the iPad. The cartoon styled drawings were pleasing to the eyes and were well drawn. This game is perfect for kids in Elementary school but is entertaining to all adults as well. I loved the rendering for the water which made the game feel more “realistic”.

Overall, this is probably one of the best hits on the App Store and I certainly recommend it to everyone. The is supported on both the iPhone and iPad, and the way they optimized the game to fit on the larger screen of the iPad really made it more entertaining. This game is extremely fun and I believe it should in the Top 25 in wherever app market you find it in. Wonderful app overall, and I can’t find anything wrong with it!

Reviewed Device: iPad 2

Tested Device: iPod Touch 3G

[review pros=”Great, cute graphics, puzzling, interesting” score=100]