What’s Waiting for You Around the Corner in Noct?

One of the scariest parts of many PS1 horror games was turning corners. In games like Resident Evil, you’d come up to a turn in the hallway, and the camera angle wouldn’t show you anything around it. You’d have to barge right into it, praying that there was nothing there. But something always was, its hands outstretched to wrap around your neck. What if you only had one life in those games? How quick would you have been to turn that corner? If you pick up c3sk’s Noct, you’d better be ready to do it over and over again.


Noct is a multiplayer survival game based in a procedurally generated world, all of which is viewed with a thermal satellite view. The bird’s eye viewpoint makes it seem like it would open the player’s view right up, and in ways it does, allowing players to see the full scope of how screwed they are once hordes of monsters start charging from every corner of the screen. You cannot see around corners that your character wouldn’t be able to, though, so if you turn around a pile of rubble or around a corner in a building, you might find huge, monstrous hands reaching for you. The game has several different styles of monsters, going more gothic/Lovecraft horror than zombie apocalypse, all ranging in sizes and difficulties. With permanent death literally hiding behind every corner, it will be hard to stay alive.


The game is within a few hundred dollars of making its Kickstarter goal, so between that and some Greenlight votes, you should definitely have it in your hands sometime near its mid-2015 release window. In the meantime, you could always just have some friends lurk around corners and jump out at you to get you mentally prepared. Maybe throw spiders at you or something.

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