What A Mighty Sword You Have: ‘God Of Blades’ Developer Diary

God Of Blades

White Whale Games are starting a series of developer diaries in order to outline the many elements of their upcoming sidescrolling action-RPG, God of Blades.

We’ve talked about God of Blades before but it’s been a while. That doesn’t mean that White Whale Games have stopped working on it of course, in fact it means they have been very busy and remain to be. However, they did manage to find time to start a developer diary series to better outline the game’s different aspects.

Of course, the person who pulled the short straw was the project’s Creative Director (and former BioWare talent) Jason Rosenstock who outlines some of his favourite parts of God of Blades‘ very central Combat components and in particular the Sword Powers.

He gets particularly excited about two of the swords and it’s fun to watch that enthusiasm. More please!

God of Blades will be released in summer 2012 for Windows, Mac and iOS devices. More information on God of Blades can be found on the game’s official website.