We’ve Got Exclusive Art For Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering. Take a Look!

(And no, that’s not it in the featured image!) Today we get to debut a piece of exclusive art for Transhuman Design’s upcoming project titled Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering. Before we get to it, please note that this is a pre-alpha screenshot of a work-in-progress. That said, here is a first look at the artwork, titled “Clocksmith”:

clocksmith screen3

If you’re interested to know more about the game, well frankly so are we. As far as gameplay and story are concerned, all we have to go on so far is this tweet from the official Twitter account: “Let’s say it’s a story-focused game, but not a traditional point’n’click adventure.” Transhuman Design has otherwise remained tight-lipped thus far, with even our top interrogators unable to obtain additional details. When it does become available, more information will be found on the game’s website; where currently, inquiring minds may sign up for a newsletter.

Special thanks go to Maciej G√≥rny and the Into Darkness Peering team for sharing this world-premiere artwork with us. Stay tuned to IGM for additional updates about the game’s progress.

Vinny Parisi graduated from the Ramapo College of New Jersey with a degree in Journalism. No stranger to the industry, Vinny first picked up an NES controller at the tender age of two-years-old and hasn't stopped gaming since. RPG and Action-adventure are his genres of choice, but there isn't much he hasn't played. His thoughts and shenanigans are displayed for all the world to see @Vincent_Parisi

  • Quite the thing really. It’s a challenge to do an art piece that can take you places and affect your mood. There’s something deep in this gloomy atmosphere it imposes. In some way it reminds me of Silent Hill 2 back in the days. Probably a totally different game but still… “The misty days, remains of the Judgement” :)

  • Hanna

    That looks interesting, can’t wait to see more!

  • dzio

    This one is definitely high on the list of games I’m looking forward to. And the artwork looks very, very cool!

  • Yet again, an awesome artwork by Mateusz Drabik, I can’t wait to see more !