We Happy Few – A Joyful Utopia on Kickstarter

Lovers of dystopia, rejoice – Compulsion Games (Contrast) are working on a game that combines the wigged-out vibe of the 1960s with the idealistic destruction of Brave New WorldWe Happy Few was first announced at PAX East in March, where it was revealed that a Kickstarter campaign was in the works. That campaign is here and gaining traction, with just under 50% raised in just a few days.


A terrible event has befallen the citizens of Wellington Wells. Said event was enough to motivate the creation of a daily medication called Joy, administered to take away all of the negative feelings a person can experience, replacing it with a euphoria. The player begins as an outcast in the bizarre environment, and has made plans to escape the city. However, they must pass through a gaggle of citizens to do so, without being detected. The townsfolk will do anything to keep the status quo, including killing Downers (those who haven’t taken their medication). Players must learn the ropes to figure out the best method of escape.

A suspicious citizen.

A suspicious citizen.

We Happy Few‘s Kickstarter has a goal of $201,353 USD, and they have already raised $90,500 at the time of this writing. Current reward tiers include $6 USD (the “thank you” tier), a copy of the game for PC, either DRM or on Steam for $24 USD, and go all the way up to $4,027 USD. At this top level, supporters will be able to submit a drawing to Uncle Jack, the show’s host and narrator, to be featured in-game, and will also nab themselves an invite to the launch party (less travel expenses). With 25 days to go in the campaign, there’s plenty of time to get in on the action.

Those looking to pledge their support to We Happy Few can visit the Kickstarter page. Otherwise, follow Compulsion Games on Twitter and Facebook, or go check out the forums, for more information. Compulsion also held an AMA today, which you can find here.

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