‘Waxxy’ Looks Like a Fun Way to Spend a Lunch Break

As I touched upon before when covering SPARK, I love short games. For me, a game can commit no greater sin than constantly repeating itself or pointlessly meandering, so a short, punchy experience which holds my interest from start to finish is what I’m ideally looking for in a game these days. Enter Waxxy, a vertical platformer which is estimated by its creators to last around 15-30 minutes.


The developers in question are Callahan Porter and Allan Valdez, friends and creative collaborators who met in high school. Their development of Waxxy as a vertical platforming game is said to have been heavily inspired by indie darling Mighty Jill Off in that, despite the short length, it doesn’t pull any punches in terms of difficulty. Furthermore, just like Jill OffWaxxy will be available absolutely free to play.


Waxxy is pretty visually appealing, as you can see from the screenshots on display here, and Callahan says that there is a splash of inspiration from Kirby and Spelunky in the aesthetic. The character design of Waxxy himself is especially interesting. Originally the product of Callahan’s 7th grade doodlings, the character is effectively a merge of four JRPG-style slime characters with arms and legs — a Frankenstein’s monster of 16-bit sword-fodder.


The duo anticipate an imminent release for Waxxy — ‘before this Friday’, in fact. However, this is not a nailed-on certain release date, and if this ends up being an ambitious estimate the pair will continue working, with the ultimate goal being to release before Ludum Dare 27 on the 23rd to 26th of August.

If you’re interested in Waxxy and want to keep up with its development, follow Callahan Porter and Allan Valdez on Twitter.