Grab Your Inheritance Wax Lyrical’s ‘Bounders and Cads’

bounders and cads

Wax Lyrical Games, the British indie studio behind ‘Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok’ is releasing a new turn-based strategy game called ‘Bounders and Cads’. This boardgame-style game will be available for PC and Mac.

Players in ‘Bounders and Cads’ arrive in the village of Brokeville to claim their rightful inheritance money, left by old Auntie Edna. Unfortunately, many other friends and relations, from innocent-seeming Jonny Urchin to the clever Professor Whiz, are arriving and claiming to be old Edna’s nearest and dearest, for a share of the wealth. So players will need to employ all their cleverness as they strategize, swindle, backstab, cheat and sabotage their way to the massive inheritance. Money that’s rightfully yours, of course!

The premise — lying and swindling one’s way to wealth, that is — reminds me a lot of a hilarious Android game ‘Devil’s Attorney.’ In this game, players take on the role of an underhanded lawyer, protecting a series of poor innocent, misunderstood defendants from doing jail time, and receiving lots of cash and presents for your efforts, of course.

‘Bounders and Cads’ can be played as a single-player game, or invite up to three friends to connive and swindle in Brokeville with you. Each game is different, although the goal of getting your hands on the money that old Aunt Edna really meant for you to have remains the same.

Check out the trailer for Wax Lyrical’s ‘Bounders and Cads’ here:

The PC version is expected in January of 2013, and the Mac version will follow in February.