WATHTA Game Jam Update


The #wathta (women are too hard to animate) jam is well underway with just under three days remaining for developers to submit their game. Already, many submissions have been made available with a wide range of game types and art styles. The Indie game Magazine is following the jam closely to bring readers steady updates.

The first major update is for the game jam rules themselves. At one point, the game jam was going to be a competition that would be decided on by viewer vote. That has since changed in order to allow game jam to exist as a celebration of games and female protagonists, instead of a high-pressure competition.


There are 20 games submitted to the game jam so far, each with a female main character. One that grabs our attention is a game called Prisma, which was submitted as an E3 demo that showcased gameplay and some of the graphics of the game. The game ran smoothly and has a lot of potential for challenging platform gameplay.

-UXCgmOther games of interest are Princess Tina, A Dark Spacewind, 2nd Cycle, and Ender: a love story. All these games and more are currently available for browser-play or download on the game jam website. Developers will have until July 3rd to submit their games, so hopefully gamers will get to see even more game choices. Have any particular Jam entries caught your eyes so far? Let us know in the comments!

Please don’t forget to share what you can with #wathtajam in order to further support this game jam!

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