Warhammer Quest Starts Conquering Dungeons this January

Fans of the classic tabletop game and the Warhammer universe have another digital entry to look forward to in 2015. Games Workshop and Rodeo Games have partnered up to bring Warhammer Quest to Steam on January 7th.

Placed in the game’s lore and setting, Warhammer Quest is a mix of strategy and RPG in turn-based combat. You lead a party of adventurers through dungeons, killing orcs, trolls, and more on your way, while also exploring new settlements. In exchange, you’re showered with loot — weapons, armor, and artifacts — as well as experience which can be used to level up the characters. Players can gain new abilities and improve the skills of the Marauder, Wood Elf Waywatcher, Grey Wizard, and Dwarf IronBreaker archetypes.


“As massive fans of the Warhammer universe, we have spent our development time working with Rodeo Games and focusing on what made Warhammer Quest such a great table top game,” said Ian Baverstock, director of Chilled Mouse, the game’s publisher.

Warhammer Quest will come out on Steam with various purchasing options. The starter edition, for $14.99, includes the four heroes, three zones, and the Vampire and Zombie content pack. The deluxe edition, for $29.99, has seven more heroes, extra weapons, and Skeletons and Necromancers pack.

Look for Warhammer Quest on January 7th for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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