War of Zodiarcs – Tactical JRPG With Cards and Dice Seeking Feedback on Square Enix Collective


Through the support provided by the Square Enix Collective, War of the Zodiarcs and it’s team of developers at Cardboard Utopia, made up of veterans from the AAA industry, are seeking feedback for the project in development. The game is a tactical JRPG similar to and inspired by titles like Shining Force and Final Fantasy Tactics, but with an interesting twist that makes it stand far apart from the rest.


War of the Zodiarcs will incorporate a standard tactical RPG system (developed through Unity in order to reach out to multiple platforms) fused with cards and dice. Each character in combat will have a different selection of cards available, which can then be used to attack, use abilities, or cast spells. The hand of cards is consistently updated as cards are drawn from each characters deck, which can also be customized between battles in order to suit the tactics of the player. Dice rolls are used to determine whether the attack or spell is successful, and players can also tweak and expand the set of dice.

War of the Zodiarcs is being developed to engage gamers through gameplay, story, and characters, a combination that Cardboard Utopia feels is essential for a memorable game. Cardboard Utopia freely admits that the game follows the traditional “coming of age/hero’s journey” story, but that the team strives to fill the story with unexpected twists. Additionally, they will work to incorporate a cast of 10 unique and interesting characters to follow throughout the course of the game.


Gamers can learn more about War of the Zodiarcs by visiting Cardboard Utopia’s website, or by following them on Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to also visit their page on the Square Enix Collective site, in order to provide feedback and support.

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