War of Omens Kickstarter Blends Deck-Building with CCG

Looking to breathe new life into the digital card games space, the team at Fifth Column Studios recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming project, War of Omens. While simply choosing between being a deck-builder or trading card game would be enough for most, War of Omens is looking to reinvent the genre by merging the two styles, creating a unique hybrid that feels familiar-yet-fresh. The game is already halfway funded with a little over two weeks left in the campaign.

One of the more interesting aspects of the game’s design comes from the art direction. War of Omens features three distinct factions: The Vespitole, the Daramek, and the Metris. Visually, these factions are separated by color tints, but there’s something else that sets them apart: Each faction is drawn by a separate artist, weaving an individualized artistic thumbprint throughout the decks. It’s a subtle touch that may go unnoticed, but will hopefully add some extra flair and personality to each faction. War of Omens will be free-to-play when it launches, but allow the option to purchase booster decks with microtransactions. For those wary of the potential pay-to-win scenarios this often leads to, Fifth Column Studios states that “everything in War of Omens is designed to be achieved through play, naturally, and at reasonable, enjoyable rates.” Check out the game’s website for more details.

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