Wanderlust Adventures Opening its World This Fall

In 2012, Wanderlust: Rebirth made it to the Steam store shores, as a captivating online action RPG (incidentally, the first published game by Chucklefish). Now, a sequel is in the works, with the creators looking to fulfill the fans’ number one request.

That feature was “open world,” thus, the biggest change in the sequel, Wanderlust Adventures is the introduction of randomized content, like dungeons and instances. Staying true to its action RPG, skill-based combat, players create a character by choosing one of the four classes: Warrior, Assassin, Crusader, and Sorcerer. The main focus is on online co-op, adventure, as well as survival modes for new players. The creators, Yeti Trunk, also boast using Steam’s network as an improvement, so port-forwarding between users won’t be necessary to connect anymore.

Other than engaging combat, it looks like there will be plenty to do in Wanderlust Adventures. There’s a brand new looting and crafting system, with very rare blueprints for NPCs, as well as a pet companion system. Dynamic boss events will spawn periodically, and the game time will be governed by a day and night cycle that affects the monsters’ strength. All this is topped off with a soundtrack by Chris Christodoulou (known to gamers for his work composing the music for Risk of Rain).

Development appears to be going smoothly, so hopefully all goes well in time for the slated Fall release this year. Keep up to date with more information on Wanderlust Adventures by checking back with IGM, and also by taking a look at the game’s website.

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