Walk in a Dream World with Dreaming Sarah

The freshly-released 2D adventure game Dreaming Sarah is a single player exploration title that finds players wandering an odd dream realm. Some may make comparisons to the cult hit Yume Nikki, that gained a following with its strange, unique rendering of the dream world. In Dreaming Sarah, the protagonist, Sarah, is in a coma after an unnamed accident. In order to get back to reality, her dream self wanders the weird lands of the dream world, searching for a way to wake up. Much of the gameplay is based on exploring the dream world and taking in the sights. Through the course of the game, players will be deciphering level art, gawking at strange creatures, and trying to validate why there are items like a necklace that turns Sarah into a fish.

DreamingSarah(1)There’s a diverse cast of characters, and many puzzles to break up the otherwise general objective of walking around and taking in the sights. Asteristic Game Studio has included several items, both equippable and collectible, as part of the adventure; these range from an umbrella that lets Sarah float around to a magnifying glass that scales up her size. The characters and items aren’t the only notable aspects, but stringing the experience together is the original soundtrack by Anthony Septim. Some of the tracks are slightly reminiscent of Silent Hill 3, with moody melodies and overlaying light drum kits.

Dreaming Sarah is available now on Steam, Desura,, Splitplay, and Indiegamestand for $5.99 USD.

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