Wage Plastic War in Hypercharge


Harken back to the days of childhood with Digital Cybercherries first and third person multiplayer shooter, Hypercharge. Players are put in control of highly customizable action figures as they wage war through living rooms, gardens, sewers and more.

Players can pull from a wide arrange of abilities and weapons, blasting their foes with super powers, giving them a hole-y experience with explosives and guns. Or, perhaps send a more savage message by severing their tiny plastic limbs with swords. Players can also utilize a wide array of land, naval and aerial vehicles. The environments can also be used to the players advantage such as flooding the environment.


Hypercharge is currently in alpha with no scheduled release date or pricing. However, the game will launch on Xbox One, as well as Steam for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. To learn more about the game visit the official website, Facebook, and Twitter. To learn more about the developer Digital Cybercherries visit their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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