Voxel Shooter ‘Haxel’ Gets a Kickstarter Campaign

Readers may recall, back in late December, we discussed Haxel and Dreamwagon Games’ plans for the voxel space-shooter. In short, the pair of developers that compose Dreamwagon Games have created a game that is a highly customizable voxel shooter, where players have the opportunity to not only play the regular game modes, but create their own using Haxel’s various modding tools that come built in. To help fund the final stages of development, Dreamwagon Games is turning to its fans for support. Dreamwagon Games is looking to raise $75,000 over the next month, to see Haxel through completion.

“We have spent more than a year creating the Haxel map editor and several years creating the game engine, and now we need to transform it into a finished game. We are a team of two developers who have created the Haxel prototype using our spare time,” explains the developers on the Kickstarter page. “We are asking for help so we can polish the user interface of the Map Editor, and acquire art and music for Haxel. We need to upgrade our network infrastructure to be able to handle the volume we expect, and we need to complete the Haxel website. We would like to devote 100% of our time and energy to Haxel, and this campaign will hopefully allow us to do just that.”


As promised, $5 is all it takes to get a beta copy of Haxel, and the game’s map editor, which will, over time, be patched up through the full version of the game. Spending $10 more gets gamers in even earlier, as access to the alpha build (expected in May) is granted.

Currently, Haxel features nine game modes, but the possibilities are as endless as the community’s imagination. Dreamwagon Games plans to setup a map bank, on the Haxel website, where players can upload their own maps and download one another’s maps.

Look for the Haxel beta this July, and the alpha, this May.

Visit Haxel’s Kickstarter campaign page, and follow the developers, on Twitter.

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