Void Vikings Takes Shmups into 2.5D Space

Bullet shooters traditionally take the form of flat-plane 2D games, but Ugly Beard Games is looking to challenge that. Their upcoming game Void Vikings transports the typical shmup into the 2.5D space.

At first look, it’s the movement that looks most different inĀ Void Vikings. Instead of being stuck on a plane that endlessly travels in one direction, enemy ships can come from any direction and the player needs to rotate their ship to snipe at them. There isn’t actually any true 3D movement, so the main ship can’t fly above or below, but there is a useful warp system that allows players to quickly transport to a distant area to face new, stronger enemies.


Fans who like to tinker with stats in games should be happy to see lots of numbers under the hood of Void Vikings. Enemies drop randomly generated loot which powers the player ship, enhancing damage and reducing cooldowns. There are cannons, shockwaves, chainguns, and more that can be customized to one’s liking. This is on top of three selectable player ships.


Though Void Vikings recently went up on Steam Greenlight to gather community support and feedback for future Steam distribution, Ugly Beard Games released a standalone 1.0 version priced at $1, downloadable here. There’s also a free web version on Kongregate. The Steam version will improve enemy AI, and also feature new environments, loot, and player ships.

Visit the Steam Greenlight page to help Void Vikings get on Steam, and check out their website for more info.

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  • Nice to see how SHMUPs try to tackle this perspective, which can be difficult if not handled carefully. The game looks good, although I think the enemy health bars and damage numbers are overkill in that they’re not necessary. For bosses, perhaps, but for low-level enemies it just adds clutter as they’re destroyed rather quickly.

    @Luke (the editor), the Steam Greenlight link points to, not the Greenlight page.