Vlad the Impaler Now 50% off on Steam – Holding Halloween Art Contest to Celebrate

An interactive, gothic graphic novel that was originally priced at $9.99, Vlad the Impaler by Section Studios is dropping in price today to $4.99 on Steam. To celebrate this and the new features outlined below, Section Studios is holding a Halloween Art Contest (more details can be found here) where the the following prizes will be awarded:

  • First Place will have their work appear in the game with a credit to the artist.
  • Second and Third place winners will receive a professional-quality print of the Vlad the Impaler world map.

In addition to the price drop and the contest, Vlad is also introducing new features into the game. They include a need for players to strategize more carefully, lest they run out of any one of their stats, as a 0 in any one stat will lead to death. Every chapter now includes fights where players must, again, take their stats into consideration – if they choose poorly, they again will die if any stat goes to zero. To make monitoring stats easier, a card will be available to view directly on the map screen, which will also show weapons and how stats affect different attacks that are available.


Quests now appear in a more logical order, and players may choose quests based on a more strategic and logical approach. New weapons are available, with a drop-down list for selection. Rare and special weapons are now listed under “Special Abilities” to help separate them from the pack, making overall selection easier. Section Studios hopes to create a more involved playing experience to supplement the graphic-novel elements that were already present.

For more information about Section Studios’ Vlad the Impaler, visit their website. You can also follow them on Twitter or like their page on Facebook.

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