Virus 14: Go Forth, Infect the World, Enjoy your Brains

Imagine playing as a virus; THE virus, in fact, that turns humanity from the (reasonably) intelligent beings they are into the shuffling, gnashing horde of zombie hunters feared by many. Sure, it sounds like a concept already done for games like Plague, Inc., but in Virus 14, players can see the effect their virus is having directly on those they’ve infected. In addition, not only do they control the (self-aware) virus, they control those infected by the virus. Directing zombie hordes to infect others becomes a much different strategy game when it’s up-close and personal.

Originally a project titled Conniption, the version of Virus 14 currently in Early Access has updated significantly from its Greenlight days. Players can not only control large groups of murderous undead, they can also possess individuals and use them for tanking through human defenses and even hiding to look for vulnerabilities. Bases of infection can be set up, with the virus biding its time in a building, forming a hive from which to spring forth new..death. Campaign and World Domination modes are currently available, with Evolve abilities playing a large part in both. Tweak your virus to infect certain types of cells, and watch on a biological level as the changes take effect. Different zombie types and a Skirmish mode will be available for special purposes in a future update, as well.

Genetic modification.

Genetic modification

Those interested can pick up Virus 14 on Steam Early Access for $9.99 (Windows and Linux). Developer FarrugiaSoft seems to keep the primary announcements on their Steam page, so be sure to follow there for future updates. Check out FarriguaSoft’s website for additional projects.

Keep an eye on IGM next week for an official preview of Virus 14!

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