‘Vintage Gambit’ – Not A Game, But Still Worth Checking Out

Vintage Gadget Header ImageVintage Gambit, by HolosOne, fixes an app issue that doesn’t get much focus, even if it is an annoying one.  There is a time in every person’s daily life when they wish they knew where the heck they’d put that flashlight, or ruler, or level.  iOS users have in general decided to solve this problem by downloading tons of utility apps.  

The problem with too many apps though is figuring out where each one is.  How can you play a game or pull out your stopwatch if you can’t find its icon?  Vintage Gambit combines 8 different utility apps in one to save your app scrolling finger some energy.

Flashlight?  Check.  Ruler?  Check.  Counter?  Check.  Before you get tired of this set-up, the other functions are Stopwatch, Timer, Level, Protractor, and Compass.

While the usefulness of having several features combined in one app is obvious, HolosOne didn’t scrimp on the app by just cramming random tools together.  Instead, they streamlined the interface with a pretty cool steampunk design.

Vintage Gadget was released on December 14, and costs $1.99 in the App Store.  For future updates about the 8-in-one utility app, follow HolosOne on Twitter and Facebook.