Versus Evil Announces Two New Games; Includes Afro Samurai Sequel

Versus Evil logo

Pretty much everyone who has watched the Afro Samurai show is an enormous fan of it, and given that kind of popularity and its subject matter, it’s not a huge surprise that there is going to be another game featuring the ‘fro-toting swordsman. Similarly popular as of late have been Vikings, because, well, Vikings are awesome. From The Banner Saga to (loosely) How to Train Your Dragon, Vikings are making a comeback. Kyn is a new Viking-inspired, role-playing strategy game that is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux, and shares a publisher with the new Afro Samurai game: Versus Evil.

The Afro Samurai game is being developed by Redacted Studios, and will apparently feature a brand new story and “dynamic dismemberment.” Versus Evil will be publishing the game on both next-gen consoles and PC, though there’s no release date yet.

Kyn, meanwhile, will feature team-based combat, exploration of a fantasy world filled with magic, and deep crafting systems. You can learn more here.


In addition to publishing these two new Indie games, Versus Evil will be publishing 4gency’s Habitat via Steam’s Early Access early next month. They’re also the publishers that will be assisting Stoic in bringing The Banner Saga to mobile devices.

Habitat looks like a survival sim mixed with the ship-building mechanics of SPAZ. Also you can fly the Statue of Liberty’s head. If that sounds at all interesting, you can see more here.

The Banner Saga shouldn’t need any introduction by now, but in case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s a gorgeously illustrated Viking saga (incidentally, the only true meaning of “saga” is in reference to Vikings) featuring Fire Emblem-esque strategy and role-playing mechanics. More info here.


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