Verona: Build a Crew, Scavenge Earth

Hungarian developer Prior Games announced their latest project at PAX East, titled Verona. Set in the 22nd century, a team of excavators must scavenge a dying Earth in an attempt to bring anything of value back to the space colonies. The 3rd person action game pulls inspiration from Romeo and Juliet, as well as the sci-fi tv show Firefly. While diving into the junk and treasures, players will be faced with the constant challenge of evaluating the worth or sentimental value of their findings. There’s no flat space technology to stuff everything in, so every trip counts.


Aside from the short demo provided for PAX attendees, not much has been revealed. The trailer is a short peering through a window of the game universe, providing a look at one of the game characters, Jesse Samson. The little info released tells us that players will shape their own stories through interaction with their ship crew, and the money they make with extracting valuables. Scavenging the wastes of Earth should prove interesting, as the player will not only find necessities for preservation of life on the space colonies, but they may also discover a bit of themselves, as this strange reality influences them. The temptation of greed is ever-present in Verona, but so is the appeal of friendship and family. The choices offered to players will shape not only the game, but what kind of person they are when it’s all said and done.


Those interested can track Prior Games’ progress with Verona on Twitter, Facebook, or the official game site.

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