Vagante – Action-Packed Platforming, Adventure, and Permadeath

Vagante is a platforming adventure game full of action, combat, and procedurally generated levels under development by Nuke Nine. The game will strive to offer a number of features that will enhance the challenge of the game, as well as the replay value.


The game is set in a dark fantasy world with unforgiving lands that are regularly tested by bold and intrepid adventurers. A certain cave is rumored to guard an amazing treasure, but of the many that have entered, none have returned. The game will feature a number of character classes for players to choose from, including Knight, Rogue, and Mage. Each class has a completely different style of combat that will effectively change the way the game is played, and the tactics players will need to incorporate. Combat will be difficult, but fair by forgoing the normally implemented “damage-on-contact” system. Instead, monsters and traps will have attack animations that can be read and dodged by a skilled player. The game will also incorporate cooperative multiplayer, magic spells and powers inspired by Diablo, among other fantastic powers and items to find!


Vagante is currently on Kickstarter with an intended goal of $50,000, to be reached by September 17. It is also up for vote on Steam Greenlight. For more information, gamers can follow the game’s development progress on Twitter. Nuke Nine also has a recently updated public demo available on their Kickstarter page, with includes a large amount of content and local cooperative multiplay.

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