Urban Platformer HomeMake Close to Kickstarter Goal

Taking a first look atĀ HomeMake, one might think it’s either the result of poor graphics planning, or the psychedelic dream of an urban developer. Judging by the description, we’re leaning towards the latter. In the game, the protagonist is the city, a bent, colorful construction with a cyberpunk edge. Its layout and features change every time the controlled character switches.

HomeMakeĀ is a platform adventure game that invites you to switch your perspective – literally. By transferring bodies and piloting various people/non-people/animals, the city evolves alongside them. The game is set in Galaxy SEED (Stellar Earth Evolution Designer), in the city Sumimoto. Walking alongside its round edges, the spherical shape provides no obvious limit to the terrain. Another important architectural factor is gravity, pulling everything to the center of the planet. Buildings get bent toward it, the taller they get, the more they fight for space.

If all this sounds vague, that’s probably Franklin Cosgrove and Archgame’s intention. The two, based in Cambridge, MA, are “architecture students by day, video game designers by night.” As each character has a different take on the city, the colors and shapes drastically change, and the different bodies give different platforming advantages. The authors intend the players to experiment and explore the city as they see fit. Even the music isn’t exactly tied to traditional boundaries, as the DJ-inspired pieces switch up with the mood, ranging from funky jazz to glitchy hip hop.

HomeMake isn’t very far from its humble goal, and there are 12 days left to contribute to its Kickstarter campaign. As little as 10 dollars nets a DRM-free copy of the game. Make sure to check back to IGM for follows ups on this exciting platformer, and check their campaign page for further details.

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