Upcoming Indie Game Documentary Series Features Two Dudes In A Van

The Indie Van Game Jam is an upcoming video game documentary series that is hosted by Chad Stewart and Zeb West. Stewart and West are two game developers who plan to travel throughout North America and visit independent development studios and pose each studio a question related to game development. Eight episodes are planned and so far the duo have confirmed that they will visit Stoic Studios in Texas, the Indie Game Collective in Massachusetts, and developer Rob Lach in Illinois.

As mentioned, each developer will be asked a question. As Steward and West drive across the country to visit these studios, they will game jam in the van, and attempt to develop a game that explores the episode’s question. As each episode is released, the game they developed in transit to the episode’s destination will release alongside it.

“Once we have The Question that is right for the studio,” the pair explain on the Kickstarter campaign for the Indie Van Game Jam, “we hop in the Indie Van and game jam along the way, trying our hardest to answer the question ourselves. When we arrive at the studio, we interview the developers and ask them The Question – then we show them the current state of our game jam and see what insights they have. Now, armed with the sage wisdom of the masters, we finish the game jam in the van on the way home and release it with the episode as a digital download.”

Steward and West met while working on Star Wars: The Old Republic for Bioware. They have since founded Binary Solo, a development studio based out of Austin, Texas.

Visit Indie Van Game Jam’s Kickstarter campaign, and follow them on Twitter.

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