Underworld Ascendant: The Prodigal Fantasy RPG Returns

A new project underway has brought the gaming community back to 1992, a year when new concepts would sew the seeds of the current generation, influencing the way games were developed, and how gameplay systems were approached. One such title played a key role in motivating the RPG genre into the hard-working, immersive titles that they are today. Ultima Underworld was the 3D RPG that defined a new genre of role playing. With an in-depth system of game mechanics, real 3D environments, and the ability to look up or down, it offered a new perspective in games that inspired titles such as The Elder Scrolls, Deus Ex, Dragon Age, and more.

Returning once again to develop a title in the sandbox vein of gaming is OtherSide Entertainment, a group of veteran developers with plans to reinvent the genre once more. Underworld Ascendant is currently on Kickstarter, and boasts a wide array of features that make this Ultima successor a unique title all its own.


Aside from the RPG essentials like classes, leveling up, etc, Underworld Ascendant offers players creative ways to solve certain situations that require a bit of thought using their Improvisation Engine. In the example provided on the Kickstarter page, in order to cross a body of water occupied by a lurker, a kraken-like creature, the player may toss a lesser creature into the water to distract the lurker, or charm a giant spider to carry them across.

Those interested in back Underworld Ascendant can head over to the Kickstarter page, or check the developer website and game site for updates,

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