Uncover the Secrets Behind Resurrection in Goetia

The Square Enix Collective has been a fascinating project to watch, with a plethora of interesting games coming out of its odd, unknown depths. One of the newest examples is Goetia, an adventure game from a collaboration between Moeity, the digital photographer and artist, and Sushee, a French development team.

The game centers around the ghost of Abigail Blackwood, a young woman who died in 1902. Thirty-nine years later, she is brought back as a specter, with no idea what happened in the years between her death and her reawakening. Something drives her onwards though, and she appears to be the only one who can discover what happened to the rest of her family, as well as who or what “Goetia” is.

Goetia ruined buildings

As with most adventure games, Goetia is rooted in point-and-click. What sets Goetia apart, however, is that the ghost of Abigail – being incorporeal, after all – can pass through walls and other solid objects. The downside is that she is unable to directly manipulate items; in order to solve the puzzles of Blackwood Manor and progress through the game, players will have to possess items to use in conjunction with others. What this should amount to is a freer, more exploratory kind of adventure game.

Goetia is currently seeking funding for its unique brand of adventuring through Kickstarter. They’re aiming for $30,000 USD, and are currently hovering around $16.5k, with 14 days to go. You can find out more about Sushee from their website, and you can download the demo – for Windows or Mac (though the Mac version is only in French) – from the game’s Kickstarter page.

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