U The Space Fighter – Minimalist Space Shoot ’em Up Game

Two Jordan-based developers, Danar Kayfi and Mohammad AL-Dmour, have announced the release of their newest title, U The Space Fighter. Under the indie development studio name Bug Games, they are creating a simple top-down space shoot ’em up, using simple bit graphics and gameplay from classic arcade-style shooters.

The premise is admittedly a little vague, but revolves around protecting the uSeed, the elixir of life for a species called the U. The player must shoot down and avoid incoming bugs in the shape of baddies from classic shooters like Space Invaders, and decide on whether to risk their lives for the sake of the uSeed, or to lose some of it and stay alive. uSeed can also be used to upgrade armor, weapons and secondary weapons, and players can increase their ships power further by finding power ups beneath old ship parts.


U The Space Fighter is scheduled for release on April 22, 2015, for $0.99 on iOS devices. The game is “pay once and play forever,” meaning that there are no advertisements or in-app purchases to be found. The game will be available for purchase on the iTunes store. For more information about this and upcoming Bug Games projects, follow the team on Twitter or visit their Facebook page.

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